Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Digital Nightmare!!!

For anyone who takes digital pictures, let me give a tiny word of advice.
But first a little background. I am not very good at journaling in words my life or my childrens. I am however GREAT at having a camera with me at nearly every moment. (I carry one in my purse at all times) So you can imagine how many images I have immassed over the years.
Well last week I was trying to get to some of my pictures off the external hard drive and there was nothing on it. This particular hard drive had about 5,000 pictures covering everything over the last 3 years. I called our network tech, he told me if the drive is swiped you cannot get it back.
I left work just floored!! I could barely drive home I was crying so hard. I have never lost a child, but in case of a fire the order of importance is children first, pictures next! So this was pretty much total devastation for me........Well like the angel of a husband he is, GT closed his offfice door and got on the floor and prayed for how he could best help to comfort me.
Later that night a friend came over to use my computer, and I just thought I would look one more time to make sure they were really gone. And PRAISE the LORD.... they were ALL there. So the moral of the story...Always have a back-up of every digital picture you take.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Very Late Birthday Post

OK so it is almost official, I am starting to get old! I turned 34 this last February. My children did not feel like it was a real birthday unless I had a cake. So I made myself one. This was Fun!! Now the real SHOCKER was GT's suprise for me. He swept me away to Cancun, Mexico. LAAAAAA(that was a note to be sung in an opera-like voice) I think this might be my new favorite place!

One of the best things to see in Mexico in my opinion is the Mayan Ruins. There are TONS! We went to Talum, which is the only ruins that are closse to the ocean. This place was amazing!

This was a break I did not now how bad I needed. But as usual, GT did

This is my Heaven on earth. GT and I are planning our retirement to Mexico, probably a little premature, but the dreaming sure is fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the Horses Mouth

I know many of you have wondered about our journey this past year regarding our views and decisions about our former religion. But to put your speculations to rest and your hearts at ease, please listen to our testimonies before making up your mind about our doomed salvation. This has been a very bitter sweet year and a half. But my heart and eyes would not have been opened had it been any other way. So for that I thank and give praise to God for the journey.

To hear, follow the link and click on August 3rd. It will prompt a download window and if you play it, we start at exactly 5 min into the recording. http://gracebibleutah.org/menuPages/theWord.cfm