Saturday, November 5, 2011

{The BeStesT kind of Encouragement}|

This morning I was getting frustrated with all the things I had to do and was being very short and snappy with the kids because they were not feeling my sense of urgency in getting chores done. 

So I sat down in my chair to sip on my coffee and breathe. 

Tyler walks over to me with this great BIG book of pictures of the universe.

He says "Mom, look at these stars....millions and millions of them. 
Aren't they amazing Mom?
And God just breathed and created every one of them. . . Mom I think the God that makes stars from his breath can handle your frustration."

~That was all I needed to get through the day. . . . .
Thank you God, for such a wonderful son!~

Dinner in a Pumpkin

As soon as the leaves started changing colors and the pumpkins appeared on the scene,
 all the kids wanted was dinner in a pumpkin. 
What IS Dinner in a Pumpkin? you ask. . .
Well. . . it is a delightful mix of hamburger, green beans, mushrooms, water chestnuts
and seasonings. . .all cooked in a pumpkin! Fun right?!

Fall is NOW complete!

Happy Fall!