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 I am sold out to God. I have been married to my best friend for 17 years, and it just keep getting better.  I have 4 kids that I adore and yet they sometimes make be a little bit crazy .I love getting lost in a song and just marinating in the poetic melodies. I love to laugh until I cry. I prefer something vintage to something new, with the exception of shoes! Mornings are not my friend. If it weren't  for coffee I would stay in bed until noon. I love learning something new and I love a good challenge. Someday I will live by the beach again. Until then, I will longingly gaze at the frozen images in my mind and on my walls. I love to decorate in unexpected ways. ie. hanging chairs and wooden crates on the wall. I can only be myself, therefore I am not afraid to be real. I am a sucker for a handwritten note and have boxes of them I cannot part with. I love to use paper as a medium for art. And I have a tiny obsession with collecting hoards of it. I love to travel and explore places I have never been. I am not afraid to be honest. I am a photographer. I am a Utah transplants who has landed in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and this blog is where I share a little about life, my loves and everything in between. . . Welcome!

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