Thursday, June 19, 2008

New York

OK...I am gonna try this blog thing again. But we will have to rewind a bit......

Back to April and our last trip with our 20 group convention. This time in New York. We were not sure if this would be our last meeting because we still were unsure about the TRUE financial position of the company. So we were trying to weigh the expense of the meetings with what we learned at the meetings. We sadly decided we could no longer justify the expense. But we have made a lot of Great friends over the years and we will miss them tremendously

A bit about New York-----

Our favorite way to travel was in the Pedi-cabs. The actual cab gave me too much anxiety!!

Street vendors were on every corner, selling everything you can imagine.
I loved the totally random things in the city like this reminder of a man hit and killed on a bike. That probably sounds a little morbid but it was great that it was not taken down because of a city ordinance or stolen. I thought it was so respectful..
This was Central Park. The arcitecture was amazing!!!
These are some of our wonderful friends whom we will miss!
Lisa Brill, Kay DiFilipo and Tami Sorensen. Hi Guys!!

The Top of the Empire State Building...just breathtaking!!

And last but not least...I met the Naked Cowboy!!
(he made me grab his butt, it was totally staged!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Scoop!

Life as we once knew it was over!

Last year we learned, rather harshly, that the person who was doing all of the accounting for GT AUTO was not doing a very good job of accounting. We think that it will likely take us a good 2 years to make up what was lost in 1.

So at the middle of Dec. last year I put my 2 yr. old baby in day care and started back to work full time at GT Auto. AS THE NEW ACCOUNTANT!!

For those of you who may not know, I took Algebra 3x before I could pass. I can barely balance a checkbook, and GT wants me to read a Balance sheet and understand a General Ledger. I have never taken an accounting course even in 3 years of college, which I now regret. But GT assured me he had faith in me. I however had faith elsewhere. I do not think I have ever cried so much in my life as I did those first few mos. Nor have I ever prayed so hard. And in those first few months I know I did not make it through at least 1 day without both.

So fast forward to today. I still work full time, but I have someone who comes to the house every morning until I get home each afternoon. I do still pray every day for help understanding the job, but I make it most days without the tears. If you were to ask me if I was angry at the accountant whom shall remain nameless, who's actions turned my life upside down, sent my children's mother out of the home, gave my husband a bleeding ulcer, and almost put us into the street. My answer would be NO. Because I have learned through someones actions not my own, that I had some stretching to do. And this lesson could have only been taught by the master.

To Blog or not to Blog...

This is the question I have been asking myself for sometime. Let me explain why...
When I was first introduced to blogging I was very disheartened by what I was reading. There was so much fluff and circumstance and no real life.
Life is very messy and most of the time its hard not to get a little dirty in the process. Where was the real depth and reality? Please do not get me wrong, I love hearing about the happy, feel good, hallmark moments of every ones life but where was the raw truth?
I know for myself that the times in my life I have learned the greatest of life's lessons, (and God's) is when my life has gotten truly messy and painful. Which brings me to why I have decided to start blogging.
My life has been a roller coaster of pain and joy over the last year and so many of our family and friends do not know what is going on in our life because GT and I have been consumed with keeping our head above water. But I believe we may be starting to float, so I have a couple of minutes left in the day. A caution to anyone who thinks this blog may involve only fluff.....It won't. So if you are not up for the ride, I strongly suggest you take the next exit.
If however you would like to come along with us and watch our very raw and messy life unfold right before your eyes, well then welcome aboard.
And please keep your seat belt fastened until the ride comes to a complete and full stop!