Sunday, November 29, 2009

More catch up....Our Family Baptisms

This summer we had the opportunity to make a public profession of our inward commitment to Christ. We did that together as a family in the Provo River. We would love to share it with you!

THE Year of 5 Surgeries!

So 4 days after we returned home from Mexico with the kids,
I had a back fusion of L5 S1 (the lower back)

Then about 3 months later Tyler had a granuloma cut out of his tongue.
Then the next week GT had his gall bladder removed,
followed by the 1st of Samanthas 2 surgeries on her legs.

So we just got home last night from the last surgery. We did spent Thanksgiving at Primary Children's Hospital. Their cafeteria leaves a LOT to be desired. But we got to be with family and it worked out better for Sami not to miss so much school if we did it over the holiday. So it made for a very memorable Thanksgiving!

This was 8 weeks ago when she had the Right leg done.
She did so much better the second time, she has almost had NO pain if you can believe it. Such a blessing, we had a lot to be greatful for!!

SO...I think we are done for the year. We have a lot of healing to do!

Playing catch up!

SO this summer we took the kids to Mexico because we knew our summer would be very boring as we waited for everyone to heal. But Mexico was very therapeutic for what was to come.