Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Newest Project

So we embarked on a new journey in October. (Hence the blog that did not change until now)  We have had a lot of friends from church and neighbors who have lost jobs. And it was weighing very heavy on GT's heart.  With the events over the last year GT knew he could not raise overhead at the dealership, so he followed what could only be considered divine inspiration, and we have started a new business. 
The name is RiverView Financial of Utah, and we started from this building, which was a blank slate. We painted the walls cleaned the carpet and furnished it from my basement. We have created brochures, logos, and a website. www.riverview-financial.com
And this last week we hired 4 salesmen, and an appointment setter. I am now training people in sales, which I do not know how to do myself.
  How do I get myself into these predicaments which require so much FAITH to get thru a day!!!

OK.....so what exactly do we do?  We have a two fold business. We are a Christian collection agency, and we teach other business owners how to create a loan portfolio for themselves. We also do all the receivables for the loan portfolios as well.  So we are busy, and when we are not sure what to do next, we pray.  And one day at time we have learned a lot, but mostly just how to listen. Because once again, we had NO idea just how much work this task would be or even what was involved. But God gave us the strength and the know how.
We are not done by far, but we are not fearful because God is faithful. 
I will try to not take so long in between blogs. It just takes time, and that is the ONLY thing I can never get back. Do you have any idea how many good books there are!