Monday, October 20, 2008

I might be insane!

As if life was not exciting enough, we decided to throw something else into the mix. PUPPIES! Yes and not just one puppy, but two. 

It all started last year when we had just moved into out new house and on a whim I decided Sabrina needed a puppy. (she had only been asking for the last 2 years) GT was conveniently out of town, but upon his return the puppy found its way back to whence it came. The only way GT could remain in good favor with Sabrina however was to promise someday for a puppy again. His promise was as soon as we had a fence and grass he would get her a puppy. Well you guessed it....we now have a fence and grass. 

 So why 2?  Because one alone whines, two snuggle quietly.  One alone tears things apart, two tease each other and chase Austin.  One pees anywhere, inside or out; two smell each other outside and it reinforces the behavior.  And then they mate and we get more!!!  I know you are jealous, you want one now too huh.  Oh I almost forgot......They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  The bigger one is a boy his name is Rocco, our little girl is LunnaBelle.