Monday, August 8, 2011

{Retro redo}

 Having to start over without many means has had its fair share of challenges. 
One of which has been the lighting in a house without overhead lighting! So I have scoured garage sales and Goodwill looking for anything I could transform into something usable. 
When I brought home this $10 floor lamp/side table,
 GT looked at me like I had lost my mind! 
(bear in mind it was not black, it was an awful brown and bronze color. But I forgot to take a picture before Sabrina started painting it)
 I assured him I would make it something wonderful, and he would not recognize it as the piece of garbage he was currently staring at!

So Sabrina (aka. . my sidekick) cleaned it well and then painted the base the black you now see. 
GT had a great idea for the shade. He suggested we decoupage newspaper all over it. 
I just used regular modge podge and the sunday paper torn up. 
(can you see my lack of patience? I could not wait for the glue to dry before taking pics)
Easy ~ peasy. 

Then I glued ribbon and ric-rac around the base of the shade and the lamp base was finished off with some green ribbon around the bottom. And voila!

The black chair was also a yard sale score ~  $10