Sunday, July 4, 2010

** New friends **

 One of the hardest things about moving are the dear friends you leave behind...

But one of the greatest blessings when you move are the new friends you get to make...

We had the pleasure of having dinner with Pastor Ron and Donna Griggs and their kids. Kayla, Chris, and Josh. We had such a great time getting to know them and what intense faith they possess. We know God has amazing things in store for us here, and are just trying to brace ourselves for the ride. "Hang ON" was what I was told earlier this year. Ya that's pretty accurate.

Ron made the most amazing fajitas I think I have ever had!

Getting settled...

So... we made it to Mexico safe and sound. But now what? Well it took us 6 days just to make the drive. And once we got here it took about a week to put stuff away, find out how to get cell phones and communicate with the kids, get groceries, hook up internet and all the regular getting settled stuff.  Once we had that handled it was time to get down to the business of finding out how we were going to make a living.

So GT called the people we had originally spoke with about diving and I started working on a website for them. I also got busy working on a new website for myself. 
Well it took about 1 more week for us to start to get a little bit discouraged as we discovered and talked to more people about just how hard it is to make a living as a dive master if you have a family. 
And as I had started making inquiries about photography at the resorts here we soon discovered that Mexicans will take care of each other before they will give business to a foreigner. So it was gonna take me a bit longer to gain the trust of the locals before they would send business my way.

My mind was racing as I thought about everything I needed to do,

{ Fruit }

 There are a lot of things to learn when relocating to a foreign country. One of which is grocery shopping.
We have learned that the only day to purchase fruit is on Wednesdays.