Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twigs & other peoples trash

I bought these posts for $1 at a yard sale...

 And these dishes for $2 at an auction...

And this cheese box from Goodwill for $2
The metal flange was free

We cut the posts into sections - 

 And used some two part epoxy ($3.49)

And this is what it looks like all glued together~

Tray #1 {cost under $5)

I glued another section of the post to the cheese box and then epoxied the flange to the top...

Then I scoured my yard for a branch with just the right shape and used more
 epoxy in the center of the flange..

Its perfect for hanging all your earrings on!

Tray #2  {cost under $3}

And for the last tray I used another small plate, section of the post and another flange that was flatter

Tray $3 {cost under $3}

An hour of my time and under $10 and I have three new ways to display my jewelry!

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