Friday, March 23, 2012

Smithsonian National Zoo

Sunday was such a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the trees were blooming and ALL the animals at the National Zoo had come out to play. So we decided to take a sunday drive and say hello. 
And did you know that the entrance fee into the National Zoo is FREE!
I know...right! Pretty crazy.... 

Austin is so fun to take to places like this,
because if there is information or something to learn....he has to see it, and read it. Himself!

The Giant Pandas were amazing....they are on loan from Japan

And this is where my kids get TRULY annoyed with me...
No Mom, not ANOTHER picture! (LOL) But its what I do!

 They would prefer my pictures are more like this....
go ahead and shoot while we walk AWAY from you! Hahaha...

I must seem like quite the tourist, cause I cannot resist. Even the architecture of the 
row houses takes my breath away.

Did I tell you how much fun Austin is,
he is the only one who will smile for me anymore.

The animals however LOVED my camera! I swear they all stopped to pose for me!

And some even put on a show. ;)

And as we neared the end of the day and were just about to leave, 
Mufasa even bid us farewell...

If you have never visited the National Zoo you should. And if you have never been to DC, then put that on your bucket list as well. There is SOOO much to do and see here. 
It has been one of the best parts of living in Pennsylvania. 
And if you do make it out to this part of the me. We will do lunch!

{GT managed to get proof that I was indeed there as well...
thats what I get for asking him to hold the camera while I take off my jacket.}

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